20 Excellent Zero Investment Business Ideas With High Profits

Zero Investment Business Ideas With High Profits

20 Excellent Zero Investment Business Ideas With High Profits

One of my dreams has always been to open a business. The shortage of money to invest was the main problem he would face. That was until I discovered that there are several zero investment business ideas available.

Surprising isn’t it? But if you look around, there are countless zero investment business ideas that are simply available.

Of course, zero investment does not mean that you will not need any investment. Making the best use of available resources and your personal skills is the only investment you need instead of money.

If you are among those countless Indians who aspire to start a business, here is my list of 20 zero investment business ideas.

Best 20 Business Ideas without Investment

I include online and offline business ideas with zero investment. Therefore, you can select any of these that matches your skills and requirements.

Online Business Ideas With Zero Investment

You will need a computer and an Internet connection to start an online business without investment. That means making the best use of your computer and Internet connection that you can already have at home.

1. Blogging

Unfortunately, most Indians believe that blogging is very difficult. I assure you it is not. Even starting a blog is easy and it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to start and design it.

There are two ways to open a blog. One by creating a free website on several platforms, such as Blogger.com. The other is investing less than Rs.3,000 in his own domain name, hosting and other necessary things.

Create excellent articles about something you are passionate about and post them on your blog. It also includes striking images.

Learn some tips and adjustments on digital marketing through excellent free tutorials on YouTube. Subscribe to Google AdSense once your blog receives a certain amount of traffic.

Google AdSense shows ads on your blogs. And when someone clicks on these ads, you get some money.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very popular in India today. This is because many companies now offer affiliate marketing programs to promote their businesses. Amazon India and Flipkart are some examples.

There are several ways to do affiliate marketing. You can do affiliate marketing with your Facebook account or open a free blog. Write excellent product reviews about the things you want to sell as an affiliate marketer.

Provide affiliate links where people can click and buy. Joining affiliate marketing programs is free.

3. Multilevel Marketing

Have you heard of companies like Forever Living, Amway, DXN, Herbalife, Tupperware, Avon cosmetics, etc.? These are some of the leading multilevel marketing or MLM companies that thrive in India.

Entering the network marketing business for a major MLM company from India or abroad does not require investment.

Register online with any MLM company to become an associate. You may have to take some free online tutorials to learn about their products and their uses.

Promote these products through your social network using Facebook or a free blog site. You can also sell these products offline.

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4. Vlogging

Vlogging is another better business without investment. It involves opening a free channel on YouTube. There is no need to invest in a camera or other equipment. The video camera on your smartphone would be enough.

Create excellent videos about something you are passionate about. Upload them to your YouTube channel. Promote these videos using your Facebook page and email.

Encourage family and friends to subscribe to your videos and share them with others. Subscribe to Google AdSense that will pay you for the ads that people click while watching your videos.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is another excellent business idea with zero investments that is becoming popular. It is quite easy to set up your own online dropshipping business.

First, identify the products you want to sell through dropshipping. The next step is to approach the suppliers and manufacturers of these products and finalize an agreement.

Here is a simple guide on how to start a dropshipping business in India. Follow the steps in this guide and you are already in business.

There are projections that e-commerce in India is ready to grow after 2020, as more people will buy things online, thanks to the Internet being available in rural areas. You can enter the business now.

6. Online Marketplace

If you can do excellent things like pickles, powdered spices, traditional skin care products or even handicrafts, sell them in your own online marketplace.

The best way to do it for free is to open an online store on the Facebook Marketplace. This allows you to sell things locally. All you need is a Facebook account.

The other excellent resource is Shopify. However, they charge a small fee to open an online market. Go for your free trial and verify the answer.

If it works well, you can subscribe to the online market paid for a nominal monthly fee. It is also possible to sell certain things through Amazon and Flipkart.

7. Résumé Writing

This is one of my favorite ways to earn money. And I’m talking about really good money. Most job seekers do not know how to write a killer resume that can make them call to interview.

That is because they are not even aware of the difference between a Curriculum Vitae, Curriculum Vitae and Bio-Data. These are three different documents.

An employer requests a resume, resume or biographical data depending on the type of employees they want. Most newer candidates do not know how to write these documents.

And surprisingly, even experienced job seekers can’t create a fabulous resume. This is a very profitable business if you have excellent writing skills.

8. Insurance Agency

An insurance agency is a zero investment business idea that you can consider. You can do this offline. However, doing it online is better since you can get more customers.

The first step would be to approach some large insurance companies in India and try to get their agencies. Or you can work for authorized insurance agents of several companies.

You can sell insurance schemes and collect premiums on behalf of the insurance company and remit money immediately online.

Your sales and marketing skills will play an important role in convincing people to opt for one or more insurance plans. And there are several large and reputable insurers in India, which means tough competition. This increases the chances of success.

9. Computerized Horoscopes

Indians continue to appreciate ancient traditions. And one of these are horoscopes. Devout Indians use horoscopes for almost everything, such as making professional decisions, getting married, buying a house or just out of curiosity.

In fact, most Indians take more than one horoscope from different sources. Computer generated horoscopes and horoscopic comparison services are not new in India.

However, they are a perennial business without investment that never runs out of demand.

You can download the free horoscope software online or invest a small amount of money to buy a customizable one. You will need a small print in case someone wants your paper horoscope.

10. Agony Aunt

People of all ages have all kinds of problems and ask all kinds of questions. And they look for answers to such questions. And they are willing to pay for discrete questions and answers.

People want privacy because most of these questions relate to personal life, such as relationships. Today, this service is available online and for a fee.

This is a very popular online business with no investment worldwide. In the United Kingdom, they are known as Agony Aunts, while in the US. UU. The term is an online advice columnist.

You will need a computer with an Internet connection and a clever knowledge about relationship issues to open this business. It is an emerging field in India.

Offline Business Ideas With Zero Investment

You may not want to start an online business without investment for any reason. That is no reason to worry. There are many better business ideas without investment that you can also do offline. This would require your physical efforts.

11. Graphic Designing

Businesses of all types, individuals, and families, as well as printing presses, require graphic designers.

That’s because they need logos, business and invitation cards and lots of other stuff. Therefore, they look for excellent graphic designers that can provide these designs and logos.

Often, people want to use their own creativity and your services to create their design. Hence, they may wish to sit beside you while developing a graphic design.

All it needs is a computer with some graphics designing software. You can also tie-up with a printing press to offer the service to their clients ….

12. Fitness Coach

Indians are becoming increasingly aware of their health and fitness. That is mainly due to a massive increase in the cost of medical treatment. Staying fit properly requires the assistance of a physical trainer.

Many people do not have time to go to the gym. Instead, they prefer to establish a home gym and hire the services of a physical trainer to train them in the proper techniques.

However, to open a physical training business, you will need a certification from any accredited organization. There is no shortage of such excellent institutes to study and obtain a physical trainer certification.

You may know a lot about fitness and do not require training. However, a certificate will help you get more customers.

13. Yoga Coach

The ancient Indian art of yoga is immensely popular. And people love yoga because it doesn’t involve heavy exercise in a gym.

Usually, women opt for yoga because they cannot find time while juggling between various household chores and socializing.

There are several excellent yoga institutes in India where you can learn yoga and get certified as an instructor. Understandably, it will cost some money.

However, a Yoga trainer can easily earn more than Rs.100,000 simply by providing training in clients’ homes.

14. Repacking Services

Repacking services You may wonder what these are. In reality, repacking services involve three main processes.

That is unpacking a box or large box, checking the items for damage and repacking them in boxes or small packages for sale or shipping. This service is very important for wholesalers and retailers.

Typically, the customer will send large cartons directly to their home along with the necessary packaging material.

Once you have made smaller boxes or packages, the customer will pick them up for later shipment to customers. The service is generally used by distributors of gift items and stationery.

15. Real Estate Agency

A real estate agency is not a new business: it has been running for decades. However, it remains one of the leading offline businesses in India.

Thanks to the high migration rates among millennials looking for work in other towns and cities, there is a great demand for rental accommodations.

You can provide such accommodations by relating to the owners and other real estate agencies. Earnings are generally through commissions.

However, you can earn more money by providing complementary services such as legal documentation through notaries.

16. Marriage Bureau

I do not deny that websites such as Shaadi.com and Bharatmatrimony.com are not doing an excellent job.

However, there is a large part of Indian society from all walks of life who do not wish to form marriage alliances using online resources. Instead, they prefer offline marriage offices.

Usually, offline marriage offices are community specific. That is, they will organize meetings between potential girlfriends and boyfriends from a particular community alone, due to local traditions.

If you have a large social network within your community, start an offline marriage office. This is an excellent zero investment business idea.

17. Cleaning Services

Busy schedules and a shortage of reliable domestic staff make people look for cleaning services for their homes and offices.

The demand for cleaning services is particularly high before the holiday seasons, weddings, special occasions, moving to the premises or after renovation. Cleaning services are an imperishable business.

Of course, I couldn’t clean an entire house or office alone. In such cases, you can hire workers every time you get a job or a contract.

A small investment in cleaning equipment such as brooms and mops, disinfectants and maybe a vacuum cleaner would be enough. You will pay for the labor after they complete the task.

18. Manicure & Pedicure

Perhaps this is a surprise: Indian men are also now great clients for the manicure and pedicure of their nails. That is due to the high disposable income among millennials and the imperative need for personal grooming.

Regardless of whether you are a woman or a man, a manicure and pedicure business is something you can do with an almost zero investment.

The only expense would be on some equipment. Usually, there is a great demand for manicures and pedicures during the wedding season and other special occasions.

19. Feng Shui & Vastu Consultant

The Indians are very particular about their homes and offices complying with the ancient Chinese tradition Feng Shui or the Indian Vastu.

It is a common belief that a home or office that meets Vastu or Feng Shui leads to prosperity and happiness. Therefore, people spend a lot in consulting experts in this field.

It is not a child’s play to become a Feng Shui or Vastu consultant. You will have to study hard and even obtain certifications from any respectable organization in these fields.

However, there is huge revenue potential for this business. In addition, you can get commissions from stores that sell Vastu and Feng Shui items when your customer purchases them from their source.

20. Labor Contractor

When I talk about the labor contractor, I don’t mean construction work. Instead, I’m talking about bar and restaurant workers, weddings and banquet halls.

Medium and small restaurants in India depend on occasional workers to perform tasks such as waiters, kitchen helpers and cleaners, among others.

Since the sector is largely disorganized, attrition rates are extremely high.

Research in Mumbai reveals that at least one worker leaves his job daily for several reasons. Therefore, restaurateurs have to fight to fill the vacancy.

They are willing to pay labor contractors who can provide workers temporarily. This is an excellent business without investment.

All you need is excellent contact with restaurants, catering and banquet halls. And the ability to gather short-term workers.

Closing Thoughts

The 20 best zero investment business ideas that could encourage you to become an entrepreneur. Remember that some of the world’s largest trading empires began with a zero or minimal investment.

Classic examples are KFC and Airbnb. You could also get rich one day using any of these 20 zero investment business ideas.

The clear advantage of these businesses without investment? You can leave the business at any time without losing money. By earning profits, you can invest and expand your business.

V. K. Vishwakarma


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